YES...this whole series ended up with a sort of post-apocalyptic  feel to it. You might be surprised to find out that what is really happening is that this is really just snap shots of a bunch of people using parkour and ninja skills to scale watch A PARADE. 

Why didn't we just use the stairs?

Well, the truth is, it was just way more fun and way more scary, to see the way a group of people worked together to over come precarious obstacles   Our human elevator was EPIC.  


AS romantic as this image looks...what is really happening is yours truly is absolutely terrified of in...could not watch parade for fear of looking over six story ledge. 

Eventually she, (me) inches over to the edge and proceed to cling for dear life to a good friend of mine. 

I was actually able to enjoy the parade from this vantage, even if I may have stifled HIS  breathing a bit from holding on so tight. 


Sometimes the best part of your day

can be looking into some ones eyes feeling like Jasmine in Alladin and thinking .. " Do I trust him?" course...I've seen this guy balance trapeze artists WITH ONE FOOT. 

  So, part of my day was the two second gap when my feet left the ground and I was hauled straight up,  and over.... 

BUT...that moment...of adrenaline, fear, and excitement stretched into an ETERNITY punctuated by the sound of the pounding bass from the parade, and  that split second when vertigo kicked in

  (I looked down) my vision blurred and the sun turned into a triple ringed rainbow

...and then it was done, I was standing on the roof, my nails dug so deep into the leather of my friends coat, they kinda had to unhook me.   I have to admit, I kinda enjoyed being lifted up like I weighed nothing. 

Wasn't what I had in mind when they said "hanging out on the roof" but I have to admit, it was WAY MORE FUN.   

  "DONT LOOK DOWN "   Colour version



This is the last in this series...and took the most time.  I was messing around with creating

live backgrounds, and had to patch about 6 different images together to create city scape. 

The next part was adjusting the Hue/saturation into a unified colour pallet that best captured the mood, and brought out the characters. 

The end result reminds me of really old anime...I feel like at any moment He's gonna jump off that building and ride off on a motorcycle. 

Another interesting fact: I had to draw this scene from memory, but in the end had to look at old marvel comics to get the anatomy right on the guys. 

All three characters are modeled after super heros...guess who is what super hero or villian...